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The Jallianwala Bagh massacre or Amritsar massacre occurred in 1919. The area where this occurred was a large, open square but walled in on all sides. British troops opened fire on a crowd of demonstrators, and a large number were killed — the British said 370 dead and 1,200 wounded but Indian sources say the total was well over 1,000 dead. Some of the victims were, in fact, demonstrating, protesting against the arrest of two political activists, while others were gathered to celebrate the traditional festival of Baisakhi. Not all died directly due to British fire; many were trampled in the stampede to escape and others died diving down a well to avoid the bullets. Today the well is a rather grisly tourist attraction and bullet holes are still visible on walls around the area.

Prior to SSIS, Data Transformation Services (DTS) in SQL Server 2000 performs the tasks with fewer features. With the introduction of SSIS in SQL Server 2005, many new features can be used. To develop your SSIS package, you need to get installed with the SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio which will be available as client tool when installing SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

Discover some creative new ways to use the new features found in the Contend Aware Move Tool. This tutorial will go beyond the basics and introduce you to some very creative ways to move and extend your images.

Golden Guru - BasicsGolden Guru - BasicsGolden Guru - BasicsGolden Guru - Basics