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Battle of the Sexes (Sept. 22): Billie Jean King didn't want to play Bobby Riggs in 1973. It was a sucker bet, since she had much to lose and he didn't. But in this film, Emma Stone conveys King's understanding that because of the precarious position of women's tennis in the early 1970s, she had no choice. Steve Carell, as Riggs, makes a pathetic, credible troll, and the film nails the no-win situation of a pioneer forced to defend all she is trying to accomplish from people who know that the laziest and most potent weapon against her is to make her a joke. — Linda Holmes

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"Like the chorus says, 'I don't care what you think as long as it's about me.' It's that pop culture thing again, where people don't care about anything but the superficial, and I think there's something so tragic about that. I also thought there was something so ironically anthemic about the chorus, where it's not something you want to sing along to, because it's vacuous and empty. So I wanted something really anthemic underneath it, like something you'd hear at sports games or whatever, because I wanted people to hear it and be confronted with how empty that is. I didn't want anything to be superficial on this record unless the point was to point out superficiality." [5] -- Patrick Stump on the song's message.

Fall Out Boy - I Don't CareFall Out Boy - I Don't CareFall Out Boy - I Don't CareFall Out Boy - I Don't Care