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On Friday, December 8, 2017, Daisy and I could not sleep.  So, we walked the 7 blocks to the office.  I did some work and enlisted her to write my website biography and then sign and seal the firm's 2017 Christmas cards. At some point, the alarm armed and when we got up from our … Continue reading Happy 6th Birthday to my Partner-in-Crime →

A trio of present-day children become involved in a conflict between a band of renegades and secret police from the 26th century.

It was recently brought up to me that each one of the Wall Street individuals the news, the bankers of failing banks, the AIG greed mongers, were not only wrong, but a mans. This was applied to general to men in government that thought that business would behave great citizens and balance out business and social needs for great news of everyone. That some of the whistle blowers were reportedly women was mentioned. The speaker's conclusion was going without shoes was testosterone that was…

Mandog - Now!Mandog - Now!Mandog - Now!Mandog - Now!