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But being a promoter can often be a thankless job. You end up doing a huge amount of work and club owners end up reaping all of the benefits. To that end, Pooch got into other businesses. Tommy Pooch’s age is roughly 60, but he has shown no signs of slowing down when it comes to working. He went back to what got him his start and opened up a pizza place. Currently, there are three Pucci’s Pizza joints in the Miami area. He also got into real estate with T. Pooch Realty and, in 2014, entered the fine dining game by becoming a partner in the Midtown Miami location of Novecento.

Abato and Jaskulski are the founders of the Mount Dora Patriot Cruise and Salute. The annual Veterans Day celebration takes place on the shores of   Mt . Dora's Gilbert Park.

Michell - Need To KnowMichell - Need To KnowMichell - Need To KnowMichell - Need To Know